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Getting more granular with the complete/incomplete tag system to better accommodate all the clothing and hair conversions. Instead of just calling a set in/complete, almost complete, or nothing(ish), I've broken it out into in/complete, etc for hair, clothes, and objects. If there's no addendum on the end, the tag is for the overall set and my sort-of wishy-washy estimation of overall completion, particularly based on the subset tags.

Ultimate effect is that more sets are going to fall on the !incomplete tag even if they used to be marked complete (since I wasn't counting CAS conversions when I first started, since clothing conversions weren't possible yet). Some sets have, e.g. complete objects but almost no hair or clothes, and this will make that more transparent.

Also! I've started listing what has not been converted in each Store set (again, split into the three categories) at the bottom of each entry. Well, a couple have them at the top, but I changed my mind after I started. :P Exception: nearly empty sets that have a crapton of items...it's pretty obvious in that case what has or has not been converted, ex: Hewnsman and Bayside sets.
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