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Work in progress, maybe. Refer to 322cdb.livejournal.com for the time being.

Conversions by...

Store items:
... Store set. (Alphabetical, no-pic version.)
... ... CAS-centric sets.
... ... SimPoint Bundle Gifts.
... ... Holiday & Gift sets.
... ... Standalone items (no set).
... ... World.
... ... Special promotions & Branded content.

... Expansion pack.
... ... Mixed sets: Gnomes | Terrain Paint | Wallpapers | Clutter |
... Stuff pack.

... both EA and CC.

Custom Content:
... By original creator.

Other games:
... Conversions from The Sims Medieval a
[livejournal.com profile] m22cdb
[last update: 28 Jan 14]
... Conversions from The Sims Stories at
[livejournal.com profile] s22cdb
[last update: 30 Jan 14]

Listing of TS3 Store sets with few-to-no conversions for them exist thus far, afaik
Orphaned Conversions page

Click to help identify item categories

If (when) you see a mistake, leave a comment or send me a message so I can fix it, please! I don't have every TS3 game and creators aren't always explicit where the items were originally included, so some guesswork happens, and sometimes I just make dumb mistakes.
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