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Work in progress, maybe. Refer to 322cdb.livejournal.com for the time being.

Conversions by...

Store items:
... Store set. (Alphabetical, no-pic version.)
... ... CAS-centric sets.
... ... SimPoint Bundle Gifts.
... ... Holiday & Gift sets.
... ... Standalone items (no set).
... ... World.
... ... Special promotions & Branded content.

... Expansion pack.
... ... Mixed sets: Gnomes | Terrain Paint | Wallpapers | Clutter |
... Stuff pack.

... both EA and CC.

Custom Content:
... By original creator.

Other games:
... Conversions from The Sims Medieval a
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[last update: 28 Jan 14]
... Conversions from The Sims Stories at
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[last update: 30 Jan 14]

Listing of TS3 Store sets with few-to-no conversions for them exist thus far, afaik
Orphaned Conversions page

Click to help identify item categories

If (when) you see a mistake, leave a comment or send me a message so I can fix it, please! I don't have every TS3 game and creators aren't always explicit where the items were originally included, so some guesswork happens, and sometimes I just make dumb mistakes.
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Store/CAS: Africa Inspirations, Romanza Bridal Party

Store/Worlds: Midnight Hollow, Hidden Springs, base game

CC: Kijiko, Daisy Sims, Gelina

EP: University Life

SP: Diesel

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Aaand we're back. The updates made a few days ago included:

EP: Seasons, University Life, Ambitions, Supernatural, Showtime

SP: 70s 80s 90s

Store Sets: Faire Folk
World: Dragon Valley
Mixed sets: Gnomes
Branded content: Dr Pepper

CC: DT456, DavidMont, NewSea, Modish Kitten, Nightcrawler, pyszny16, AweSims, murano, pocci, Cmo

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Getting more granular with the complete/incomplete tag system to better accommodate all the clothing and hair conversions. Instead of just calling a set in/complete, almost complete, or nothing(ish), I've broken it out into in/complete, etc for hair, clothes, and objects. If there's no addendum on the end, the tag is for the overall set and my sort-of wishy-washy estimation of overall completion, particularly based on the subset tags.

Ultimate effect is that more sets are going to fall on the !incomplete tag even if they used to be marked complete (since I wasn't counting CAS conversions when I first started, since clothing conversions weren't possible yet). Some sets have, e.g. complete objects but almost no hair or clothes, and this will make that more transparent.

Also! I've started listing what has not been converted in each Store set (again, split into the three categories) at the bottom of each entry. Well, a couple have them at the top, but I changed my mind after I started. :P Exception: nearly empty sets that have a crapton of items...it's pretty obvious in that case what has or has not been converted, ex: Hewnsman and Bayside sets.
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Most of these are old, forgotten/overlooked updates, except the Russia and Muse Luxury.

Store sets: Drifter's Desire, Waning Moon, Mother Russia, Muse Luxury

EPs: World Adventures, Seasons, Pets, base game

& fixed some more broken GoS links.
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Not quite 100% caught up, but wasn't as far behind as I feared, I think. Hooray!

EPs: Late Night, Island Paradise, Seasons, Supernatural, Ambitions, Pets, Showtime

SPs: Outdoor Living

Store Sets: Zen Again, It's Game Time, Safari Living, Coffee Bean Hipster Loft

Store/Worlds: Aurora Skies, Roaring Heights, Barnacle Bay/Buccaneer's Bounty

Store/CAS: Street Couture, Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection, Everyday Kids Collection

Store/No sets

CC: Stanislav, Aikea, Cazy
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Store: Mother Russia, Coffee Bean Hipster Loft, Grim's Ghastly Manor, Le Cinema Plumbob

Store/CAS-centric: Fanciful Fashion & Hairstyles, Victorian Fashions, Seeing Stars

Store/World: Midnight Hollow

Store/No set

EP: Into the Future

I'm also on the look-out for broken GoS links; if you find one, please point it out.
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Store/CAS: Romanza, Fashion Fashion & Hairstyles

Store/World: Midnight Hollow, Roaring Heights

Store: Palace of Versailles, Grim's Ghastly Manor

SP: Movie, High End Loft

EP: Into the Future, Supernatural, Late Night

CC: Cyclonesue, ung999, mutske, lemonleaf, helaene, CloudWalkerNZ
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EP: Late Night, World Adventures, base game, University Life, Supernatural, Showtime, Pets, Ambitions, Generations

Store/World: Midnight Hollow, Hidden Springs

Store: Steampunk, Gothique, Regal Living, Live Laugh Love, Loud Fast Clash!

SP: 70s 80s & 90s, Town Life

Store/CAS: Wretched Threads, Runway Riot, Everyday Hot Summer Days/Cool Summer Nights

Store/No set
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EP: base game, Island Paradise, Into the Future, Pets, University Life, Late Night

SP: 70s 80s & 90s, High End Loft, Movies

Store: Regency Arcade, Olympian Physique, Waning Moon, Drifter's Desire
Store/Worlds: Midnight Hollow, Dragon Valley

CC: sim_man123, spacesims, cemre, Around the Sims, Cyclonesue, liliebou, Cmo
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Store sets: Viva Las Vegas

Store/World:  Midnight Hollow, Lucky Palms (Lucky Simoleon Casino)

Store/Holiday & Gift: Year of the Tiger, Registration Gift - Explorer's Loot

Game: Supernatural, Island Paradise, base game

CC: pocci, LunaSims, mutske

Does anyone know of any complete lists of objects for the base game and EPs (the latter EPs especially; preferably with images)? The TSR Object Catalog stops with Generations, the Simalogue is quite behind, and only one of the Sims VIP game guides actually cropped the object images to actually include the object names (plus they don't get into all the buy debug/world objects so much).
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Store sets: One With Nature
Store/World: Midnight Hollow, Hidden Springs

CC: Pocci, Elexis
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Store sets: Faire Folk, Live Laugh Love, Romanza Reception, Storybook

Store/Worlds: Monte Vista, Dragon Valley

Game: Supernatural

CC: pyszny16

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Store sets: More Magic!
Store/World: Midnight Hollow, Monte Vista
Games: Supernatural, Pets, World Adventures, Movie SP
CC: One Billion Pixels, BuffSumm, nanu, Gosik, SimpleStudio, Raon, LunaSims, Clio Sims 3, deeiutza, flovv, Exotic Elements, Cazy, kewai, nightcrawler, sim2fanbg, zauma, bfly, coolsims

New Mixed Sets page: Shoes!
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Games: World Adventures, Showtime, Ambitions, Generations, Supernatural, Pets, Island Paradise, University Life
Store sets: Olympian Physique, Regency Arcade
Store/Holiday & Gift Sets: Explorer's Loot

Still not quite done with this update batch yet.
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Games: Pets, base game, Island Paradise, 70s 80s 90s SP
Store sets/World: Midnight Hollow, Dragon Valley, Barnacle Bay, Monte Vista
Store/SimPoint Bundle Gifts
Store/Holiday & Gift Sets: Eye of the Beholder '10, Ultimate Career Bundle
CC: Meronin, Modish Kitten

Not nearly finished, especially since hafiseazale uploaded a trillion things :) and LJ is being uncooperative for me >:|. Getting there.
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EP: base game, World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise
EP/Mixed sets: Clutter

SP: Fast Lane Stuff

CC: IN3S’ Little Place, Around the Sims, Cazy, B5 Studio, pocci, Gelina, Angela

Store sets: Palace of Versailles, Farm Fresh Folk Set
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Games: Supernatural, Seasons, Generations, Ambitions

Store sets: Drifter's Desire, Regal Living, Coffee Bean Hipster Loft
Store Holiday & Gift: Oktoberfest Celebration

CC: pyszny16, Anubis
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Store sets: Le Cirque Esprit, Happily Ever After, Mid-Century Modern Dining & Style, Live, Laugh, Love, Mid-Century Fantasy, Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Marvels, Mid-Century Modern Bed and Bath
Store/world: Lucky Palms, Monte Vista

Games: Generations, Seasons, base game, Master Suite SP, Showtime, Island Paradise, Univ Life, 70s 80s 90s SP

Special Promotions/Branded content: Prius

CC: b-fly, Alesso, Nightcrawler, AweSims, orange-sim, SkySims

[livejournal.com profile] m22cdb

Oh, and there's 3 new things on the "what is this from" page, all Trapping CAS conversions I've failed at ID'ing.
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Games: Late Night, base game, Pets, Generations, Supernatural, University, Seasons, World Adventures, Showtime

Store sets: Animals Abound, Pushin' Pedals, Storybook
Store/CAS-centric: Fifth Avenue Fashion, Luxe Kidswear, Everyday Hot Summer Days + Cool Summer Nights, I Heart the 50s
Store/Holiday & Gift sets: The Ultimate Career Bundle, Harvest Bounty

CC: Around the Sims, s-club, AnoeskaB, Wondymoon

Calling it quits for now. Still have several CC conversions to add.


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