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Items not converted:
Bangalor Brass Light
Jali Single Door
Dual Hanging Lights
Mughal Cone Light
Mughal Floor Light
Mughal Window
Mughal Shutter Window

Hair not converted:
Celebration Maang Tikka
Magnificent Maang Tikka
Pleasing Pagri

Clothing not converted:
Sheer Kurta
Jeweled Kurta
Sublime Salwar Kameez
Lovely Lehnga
Charming Choli
Stunning Sherwani
Lucknawi Sherwani
Dazzling Dhoti Kurta
Punjabi Kurta Pajamas
Three Buttons Sherwani
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MotherRussia clothes - yuxi Russian Wrap (F) with Valenki Boots
Wool Trench Coat (M)
Converted by: yuxi
Eight Button Trench Coat
Converted by: yuxi
Ages: adult

TF conversion by: keoni
Chelovyek Floral Print Jacket
Converted by: radio gnome/uranium-z
Ages: adult

Items not converted:
Triple Arch Door
Mother Russia Striped Gate
Mother Russia Fence
Bochka Pavilion
Tented Bochka Roof Topper
Tented Bochka Tower
Onion Dome Tower
Onion Dome Roof Topper
Mother Russia Double Window
Mother Russia Window

Hair not converted:
Boyar Hat
Shapka Hat
Ushanka Hat

Clothes not converted:
Triple Band Shirt and Leggings
Primo Print Pants
Fantastic Floral Dress and Jacket
Darling Day Dress
Tsarevna Ensemble
Faux Fox Cuff Outfit
Becoming Blazer and V-Neck
Bountiful Buttons Jacket
Sarafan Tank Top
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Militant Mosher
Converted by: radio gnome/uranium-z
Ages: adult; teen conversion
Ode to Viv
Converted by: radio gnome/uranium-z
Ages: adult; teen conversion

Hair not converted:
Let's Get Vertical
Lil' Terror
Scene Too Much
Toddler Hawk

Clothes not converted:
Break Your Dark Heart
Lady Blaze
Stylin' Saggy
The Stormer
Tough As Nails
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Bountiful Bows (with Parfait Baby Cross Bow shoes)
Converted by: SerenityFall/rented-space
Ages: teen, adult

[Broken link]
Layered Victorian
Converted by: SerenityFall/rented-space
Ages: teen, adult

[Broken link]
Kingly Attire
Converted by: Yuxi

Hello Angel (with and without accessories)
Converted by: rented-space
Ages: all

Maxis Match recolors by: selenaq13 |
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Converted by: Trapping
Buttoned Up
Converted by: rented-space
Count M
Converted by: Yuxi

Curls on the Side
Converted by: Trapping
(Pooklet + Maxis Match textures available)

Maxis Match recolors by: skoogy |
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Mini-'Fro, Daddy-O ("Mod Twist")
Converted by: Trapping

Maxis Match recolors by: skoogy | selenaq13 | vadie


Jackie Open-Back Dress with Geo Pumps
Converted by: zeussims

Fixed &shoeswapped version with morphs by: flowermisty

Items not converted:
Higher Tech Hot Beverage Machine (which is basically almost Maylin's Retro Coffee Maker)
Three's A Crowd Ceiling Light
Countdown Sconce

Hair not converted:
Glam Shag Hairstyle
Don't Flip Your Wig Hairstyle
Bouffant Bun
Beehive Ponytail

Clothing not converted:
Waist Not Dress
T-Line Dress
A Little Bit Fishy
Messenger Brogues (shoes)
Convoy Pants
The Alice Skirt
First Lady Suit
Swingin' Sundress
Foxy Lady Zip-Up Jumper
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
Regal Repose Bed, Love to Love You Love-Lounge

Loveseat recolors by: Allisa

Faux Faux Fabulous
Converted by: zeussims

Items not converted:
All Mine Till the End Table
All of Me Mirror
Beauteous Baroness Bureau
I Love Me Mirror
Lovely Luminosity

Hair not converted:
Just Divine
Mistress Mysterium
Play it Cool
Stunning Starlet
The V.I.P.
Viva Voluminous

Clothes not converted:
Sejal the Enchantress
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Happiest Dunk Tank Hot Tub

[livejournal.com profile] misty_fluff
Cirque-mistyfluff The Show Must Go On Wall Poster, Clowning Around Wall Sculpture, Muscles Mascardo and his Band of Misfits Wall Poster, Oddities Etc. Wall Display, Tunnel of Love Living Room Chair*, Knife Thrower's Table, Table Tent Carnival Umbrella, Never Forget Elephant Sculpture, Fun House Gym Set

*as a dining chair

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
cirque-delonariel Fun House Gym Set, Little Jester's Gym Slide, Knife Thrower's Table, Table Tent Carnival Umbrella, back wall of Happiest Dunk Tank hot tub, Bright Lights Carny Pillar*, Muscles Mascardo and his Band of Misfits Wall Poster, The Show Must Go On Wall Poster, Oddities Etc. Wall Display, Never Forget Elephant Sculpture

*as a column and as a light

Fire Eater
Converted by: Trapping
Male + Female
4 texture versions: Pooklet, Nymphy, EA twists, EA afro curls

Pooklet/Neena blend retextures by: skoogy
Maxis Match recolors (both genders, all textures) by: selenaq13 | skoogy | allisasims (gradients)
Wild Fire Hairstyle
Converted by: Trapping
Ages: all
Male + Female

Retextures+recolors by: Nymphy
Pooklet unnaturals by: CuriousB
Maxis Match recolors by: voleste | chazzsims

Ring Mistress
Converted by: cynnix
Ages: teen - elder

*registration required

Items not converted:
Bright Lights Carny Pillar
Frog Prince Carousel Spring Rider
Just a Hare Carousel Spring Rider
Perfect Pony Carousel Spring Rider
Dramatic Entrance Wall Arch
Dramatic Entrance Double Doors
Fortune's Favor Arcade Machine
Little Acrobat Swing Set
Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain

Hair not converted:
Step Right Up Hat
Little Drama Curls
Flocks of Evils Hairstyle
Swoop Wave Hairstyle
Clown Hat
Human Cannonball Hairstyle
Diva Plava Hairstyle
Mistress of Ceremonies Hairstyle

Clothes not converted:
Petite August Top, Slippers, Knickers
All Around Performer Top
Contortion Capri
The Acrobat
Vintage Performer
The Catcher
The Flyer
The Auguste
The Twirler
Mistress of Ceremonies
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HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
AnimalsAbound-HC Elephant slide, bear loveseat, bunny potted plant

Recolors by: shastakiss |

AnimalsAbound-HC2 Panda crib, Wilderness Crib, Anna's Living Chair, Very Beary Table, Bryan and Angela (horse toys), Tiny Tyke Dresser, Triple Animal Collection, Tower of Much Knowledge bookshelf, Wilderness Bookshelf, Little Tyke Dresser, Jerry the Giraffe Wall Growth Chart, The Happy Elephant wall hanging, Giraffe Measurer wall hanging, Banana Jeff's Wall Clock, Kirby the Frog Desk

  The Ninth Wave Sims
AnimalsAbound-curtain-TNW Cutesy Curtain

AnimalsAbound-activitytable-TNW Animal Friends Activity Table

AnimalsAbound-trapping Wily Wilderness Tower, Playground Toy Chest*, Playground High Chair, Bear Stump wall hanging
*Shastakiss made the toy box quarter-tile compatible here

Recolors by: shastakiss |

  [livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
AnimalsAbound-amovitamsim Cutesy Canopy Crib, Cutesy Curtain, Rinse 'n Roar bathtub, Whimsy on Wheels end table, Savagely Silly Sink, Jungle Cheer picture, Very Beary Towel Holder, Playground Potty, Best of Friends picture, Grassy Frog Curtains, Peter's Safari Mobile

CritterComforts-amovitamsim Animal Friends Girl's End Table, Flutterbye Wall Mirror, Little Princess Single Bed, Forest Curtains, Animal Friends Bookshelf II, Novelty Dining Chair Series I & 2, Felicia Flamingo Wall Growth Chart, Freddy Frog Wall Growth Chart, Little Princess Desk, Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.2

animalsabound-window-amovitamsim Octagonal Wilderness Window +recolors

Novelty Office Chair Collection, Animal Friends Boy's Single Bed, Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.4, Mel the Monkey, Animal Friends Window, Animal Friends End Table, Novelty Office Chair Collection Series 3, Animal Friends Wall Mirror, Animal Friends Bookshelf I

Cuddly Critter Couch, Sherman the Shark, Tower of Much Knowledge, Wily Wilderness Tower giraffe & palm deco, Brian and Angela, Franny Bunny Light, Wilderness Bookshelf, Very Beary Table, Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing

Animals-toys-decat Pick It Up Truck, Sherman the Shark, FrankenBear

Franny Bunny Light

Recolors by: nihilistnailz

HW_animalsAboundSwingset Go Bananas Swingset

Beary Baby Bottom (toilet paper holder), Fuzzy Friends Lamp Post, Fuzzy Friends Fence

Items not converted - Critter Comforts:
Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp
Animal Friends Wall Lights
Floral Table Lights
Little Princess Dresser
Little Princess Girl's Toy Box
Open Wide Bunny Trash Can

Items not converted - Forest Bedroom:
Mochi Doggy Lamp

Items not converted - Panda & Friends:
Branching Bird Wall Lights
Panda Mirror
Panda Toybox
Sparkle's Trashcan
The Palmer Floor Light

Items not converted - Wilderness Dreaming:
Bronco 100HP Wall Lights
Grassy Frog Dresser

Items not converted - Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath:
Arch Abound
Banana Bulb
Banana Jeff's Wall Mirror
Bench Abound
Door o'Bears
Miss Mystery
Playground Dresser
Rabbit Ridge
Secret Sonny
Unbroken Window

Hair not converted - Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath:
Granda Panda

Clothing not converted - Wild Wears:
Bloomer Blouse Jr.
Bow Shoes
Cloud Dress
Comfort Kicks
Dancer Skirt
Duckies Dress
Heart Sandals
Petals Top
Play Overalls
Sea Adventures
Secure Sneakers
Tea Time Top
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See also: Dreams of India

The Ninth Wave Sims
Store_IndiaInspirations-loveseat-TNW Bangalor Love Seat + 1 recolor

Store_IndiaInspirations-bedtable-TNW Jaipur double bed, Kashmir side table

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
India-delonariel Decorative Arga Jars, Hookah sculpture, Airavata sculpture

india sets - hafiseazaleBangalore Wall Sculpture, Knitted From Clouds Wall Sculpture, Eri Silk Drapes, Kashmir Side Table, Hookah Sculpture, Decorative Arga Jars, Bangalor Love Seat, Jali Bookcase, Airavata Sculpture, Banarasi Plush Coffee Table, Jaipur Double Bed

Glamorous Maang Tikka (sans jewelry)
Converted by: Trapping
Ages: Teen - Elder

Maxis Match recolors by: voleste | sarcastic-pizza |

Traditional Summer Sari
Converted by: Trapping

Items not converted:
India Dreams Light
Timeless Views Window
Mughal Arch Window Box
Mughal Arch Small Mirror
Jali Floor Lamp
Jali Double Door
Mughal Arch Mirror
Glowing Arches Wall Light

Hair not converted:
Simply Stunning Maang Tikka
Elegant Teardrop Maang Tikka
Scarf and Maang Tikka
Jeweled Adoration Maang Tikka
Jeweled Eye Maang Tikka

Clothes not converted:
Sari Inspired Skirt
Modern Cropped Kurta
Silk Four Button Jacket
Indian Hipster Fusion Jacket
Silk Loafers
Traditional Chiridars
Mod and Modern Chiridars
Sherwani Dress Outfit
Indo-Western Sherwani Suit
Bangalor Silk String-back Top
Punnjab Bangles Wrap Top
Bengal Silk Cropped Top
Orissa Sunset Vest
Silk Chiffon Sari Top
Tanchoi Touches Top
Highly Adorned Capri
Modern Evening Sari
Indo-Western Silk Dress
Indo-Western Chic Set
Modern Sherwani Jacket


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