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MotherRussia clothes - yuxi Russian Wrap (F) with Valenki Boots
Wool Trench Coat (M)
Converted by: yuxi
Eight Button Trench Coat
Converted by: yuxi
Ages: adult

TF conversion by: keoni
Chelovyek Floral Print Jacket
Converted by: radio gnome/uranium-z
Ages: adult

Items not converted:
Triple Arch Door
Mother Russia Striped Gate
Mother Russia Fence
Bochka Pavilion
Tented Bochka Roof Topper
Tented Bochka Tower
Onion Dome Tower
Onion Dome Roof Topper
Mother Russia Double Window
Mother Russia Window

Hair not converted:
Boyar Hat
Shapka Hat
Ushanka Hat

Clothes not converted:
Triple Band Shirt and Leggings
Primo Print Pants
Fantastic Floral Dress and Jacket
Darling Day Dress
Tsarevna Ensemble
Faux Fox Cuff Outfit
Becoming Blazer and V-Neck
Bountiful Buttons Jacket
Sarafan Tank Top
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Cursed Corset
Converted by: zeussims
Ages: adult
Boldness Beckons
Converted by: Yuxi
Boldness Beckons
Converted by: Yuxi

Items not converted:
Door of Life and Death
Grim's Door
Grim's Fence
Grim's Gates
Forbidden Tomb
Grim's Roof Sculpture
Grim's Spire
Grim's Roof Railing
Grim's Window
Grim's Window XL

Clothing not converted:
Worlds Collide Outfit
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Hidden Springs

The Evangeline (AF)
Converted by: FlowerMisty
Retreat Romper
Converted by: FlowerMisty
Vivacious V-Neck & The Nadine
Converted by: FlowerMisty
Courteous and Casual Outfit & Ruffled Collar
Converted by: FlowerMisty
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Items not converted:
Uptown Table
Ascension is Paramount
Narcissa Mirror
Asymmetrical Allessandar Table Lamp
Glitz & Glamour Fireplace
Le Ecoute Modern Chess Table
Faux Chrome Chair
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Happiest Dunk Tank Hot Tub

[livejournal.com profile] misty_fluff
Cirque-mistyfluff The Show Must Go On Wall Poster, Clowning Around Wall Sculpture, Muscles Mascardo and his Band of Misfits Wall Poster, Oddities Etc. Wall Display, Tunnel of Love Living Room Chair*, Knife Thrower's Table, Table Tent Carnival Umbrella, Never Forget Elephant Sculpture, Fun House Gym Set

*as a dining chair

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
cirque-delonariel Fun House Gym Set, Little Jester's Gym Slide, Knife Thrower's Table, Table Tent Carnival Umbrella, back wall of Happiest Dunk Tank hot tub, Bright Lights Carny Pillar*, Muscles Mascardo and his Band of Misfits Wall Poster, The Show Must Go On Wall Poster, Oddities Etc. Wall Display, Never Forget Elephant Sculpture

*as a column and as a light

Fire Eater
Converted by: Trapping
Male + Female
4 texture versions: Pooklet, Nymphy, EA twists, EA afro curls

Pooklet/Neena blend retextures by: skoogy
Maxis Match recolors (both genders, all textures) by: selenaq13 | skoogy | allisasims (gradients)
Wild Fire Hairstyle
Converted by: Trapping
Ages: all
Male + Female

Retextures+recolors by: Nymphy
Pooklet unnaturals by: CuriousB
Maxis Match recolors by: voleste | chazzsims

Ring Mistress
Converted by: cynnix
Ages: teen - elder

*registration required

Items not converted:
Bright Lights Carny Pillar
Frog Prince Carousel Spring Rider
Just a Hare Carousel Spring Rider
Perfect Pony Carousel Spring Rider
Dramatic Entrance Wall Arch
Dramatic Entrance Double Doors
Fortune's Favor Arcade Machine
Little Acrobat Swing Set
Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain

Hair not converted:
Step Right Up Hat
Little Drama Curls
Flocks of Evils Hairstyle
Swoop Wave Hairstyle
Clown Hat
Human Cannonball Hairstyle
Diva Plava Hairstyle
Mistress of Ceremonies Hairstyle

Clothes not converted:
Petite August Top, Slippers, Knickers
All Around Performer Top
Contortion Capri
The Acrobat
Vintage Performer
The Catcher
The Flyer
The Auguste
The Twirler
Mistress of Ceremonies
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I Heart the 50s, Ultra Lounge, and Bayside themes:
I Heart the 50's Laundry:

Ultra Lounge Laundry:

Bayside Laundry:

Items not converted:
Ginchiest Sink
Bayside Dryer
Bayside Hamper
Bayside Shelving
Bayside Washer
Coastal Cabinet
Coastal Clothing Cart
High-Class Hamper
Showy Shelves
Ultra Basket Case
Ultra Dryer
Ultra Wishy Washer
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
AtomicAge-candy-amovitamsim Sweet Masses Chromodynamic Candy Dish

AtomicAge-plant-amovitamsim Gamma Green Thumb Plant

Atomic Azure Skies Telescope

Items not converted:
Thermal Atomic Alarm Clock
Hydro Fission Aquarium
Neutron Juice Distributor Bar
Neutron Juice Bar Stool
Dining Reaction Chair
Leisure Reaction Chair
Atomic Clear Coil Ceiling Light
Atomic Clear Coil Floor Lamp
Kinetic Kollider Table Light
Atomic Boson Bulb Wall Light
Fission Reaction Reflection Mirror
Little Rocketeer Quantum Sandbox
Atomic Comfort Control Sofa
Radio Wavestreaming Condenser
Cool Core Dining Table
Fissile Material End Table
Electron Entertainment TV
Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station
(Atomic Age Pets Registration Gift) Space-Age Sleepy Pet Vessel
(Atomic Age Pets Registration Gift) Futuristic Food Bowl


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