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Cow, chocolate bar

farm fresh - suicideloversims Cow, milkshake, milk bottle, George and Harriet paintings, Sailing Painting by A. Ship, They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To Desk

Items not converted:
Milkin' It Dairy Corral
Kerosene Flower Lamp
Rustic Kerosene Wall Lamp
Fantastic Fringe Loveseat
Fantastic Fringe Chair
Fantastic Fringe Curtains
A Bust of Some Famous Guy
They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To Coffee Table
They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To End Table
They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To Fireplace
Country Candelabra

Clothing not converted:
Button Bandit
Shawl and Apron Plain Combo
Shawl and Apron Flower Combo
Childrens Pioneer Dress
Snappy Suspenders
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*Link goes straight to dark_moon's Box download

[Some furniture probably in this lot - I haven't had a chance to load it up and examine for myself.]

The Queen's Dress, King's Finest Robes, Squire, The Little Princess
Converted by: rented-space

Recolors by: Meshy (all by cm outfit) |
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Items not converted:
Barbeque Grill Chest
Lazy Angler's Rocking Chair
Compass Clock
Nantucket Fence
Nantucket Fence Lights
Rust and Candles Ceiling Light
Fisherman's Wall Lantern
Sea-loving Rug
Maritime Window
Of the Sea Wall Shelf
Nautical Cornice Collection
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Items not converted:
Gift of Speech Baby Monitor
Hideaway Bunk Bed
Tallest Tree Clock
Dress Myself Dresser
Little Grasshopper High Chair
Falling Leaves Mobile
Ergonomic Potty Chair
Playtime Rug
Puzzled Toy Box

Clothes not converted:
Hopscotch Romper
Playtime Romper
Ruffled Romper
Dressed to Impress Playsuit
Everything Nice Romper
Just like Dad
Sailor Suit
Bow Me Over
Peekaboo Outfit
Patty-cake Hoodie
Button Me Up Playsuit
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Feathered Headpiece (sans feathers)
Converted by: digitalangels
Ages: all

Items not converted:
Woven Blanket Chair
Wattle and Daub Lamp
Four Directions Table
Tribe Elders' Rug
Turtle Island Rug
Harvest Moon Drum Sculpture
Maze of Maize Table
Zia Window
Pueblo Bed
Wigwam Dresser
Longhouse Dresser
Moon Over Water Mirror
Morning Star Door
Teepee Chair
Chieftain's Table
Short Life of the Raccoon
Traveling Wind Coffee Table

Hair not converted:
Feathered Hair
Mayflower Hair
Wilderness Braid

Clothes not converted:
Perpetual Renewal Outfit
Silent Hunter
Jamestown Dress
Wampum Beaded Top
Young Puritan
Distant Horizon Dress
Pilgrim's Progress
Powhatan Outfit
Matoaka Dress
Deer Tracks Outfit
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[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
Bistro Umbrella, Market Fresh Awning, The Mural Bench, West Oak Dining Table, Pomme de Derriere

Items not converted:
SwiftGro Gardening Station
Plants vs Zombies Sunflower
Dave's Planter Bowl
Trough of Illumination
Greenhouse Window
Greenhouse Roof (4 pieces)

Clothes not converted:
Indian Summer
Farmers Market Dress
First Frost Outfit
Nature's Palette Sweater
Positive Thinking Shirt
Fall Festivities Sweatshirt
Leaves Abound Shirt
The Road Not Taken
Autumn Outing Shirt
For the Birds Jacket
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
Zen Window

Jade Pagoda, Food Sample Sculpture, Black Belt Chair, Impermanent Dinner Table, Ideal of Emptiness Table

Temaki Bar, Pagoda Stool, Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill

Items not converted:
Shoji Screen Curtain
Rising Sun Door
Japanese Wooden Lantern
Red Dragon Loveseat
Furoshiki Hanging
Haiku of the Lotus
Makizushi Counter Island
Hosomaki Counter
Rice Paper Wall
Kyoto Light
Zen Garden Lamp
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
Regal Repose Bed, Love to Love You Love-Lounge

Loveseat recolors by: Allisa

Faux Faux Fabulous
Converted by: zeussims

Items not converted:
All Mine Till the End Table
All of Me Mirror
Beauteous Baroness Bureau
I Love Me Mirror
Lovely Luminosity

Hair not converted:
Just Divine
Mistress Mysterium
Play it Cool
Stunning Starlet
The V.I.P.
Viva Voluminous

Clothes not converted:
Sejal the Enchantress
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Forest Flowers
Converted by: The Ninth Wave
Ages: (Y)A-E

Pooklet recolors by: isbrealiomcaife |
Maxis Match recolors by: Artemida |
True Romance
Converted by: Trapping

Pooklet recolors by: isbrealiomcaife (with flower crown) |
Maxis Match recolors by: remi | selenaq13 | skoogy |
Heroic Hair
Converted by: Jessy/lovelyxwow
Ages: all
Male & Female

Maxis Match recolors by: chazzhay

Hero's Journey Outfit
Converted by: cynnix
Ages: teen - elder

*registration required

Items not converted:
Quaint Kitchen Counter
Quaint Kitchen Island Counter
Knocks in the Night Door
Guiding Light Lantern
Pauper Pedestal
Quaint Kitchen Icebox
Better than Golden Eggs Sculpture
Porridge Prep Wall Shelf
Quaint Kitchen Sink
Quaint Cooker Stove

Hair not converted:
Village Life Hairstyle
Made by Elves Hat

Clothes not converted:
Maid Merry Dress
Frolic Away Dress
Pretty Princess Dress
Inside, A Princess Dress
Humble Ball Gown
Original Peasant Top
Market Square Outfit
Pauper Hides a Prince Outfit
Woodsman's Jacket
Village Girl Outfit
Village Boy Life Outfit
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Luxury Spa Set

The Ninth Wave Sims
spaendtable-TNW Wave Under Glass End Table

Huge Lunatic
Mounted Fireplace

*link goes to re-upload from Shastakiss, along with the recolors she did

[livejournal.com profile] dark_moon689
Not Quite Water Wave Bed

Items not converted:
Pillars of Lamp Light
Mini Mountains Table Light
Polished Pebbles Mirror
Artistic Glass Pane
Blank Space Window
Beauty Revealed Armoire


May. 5th, 2012 11:12 am
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Eva/[livejournal.com profile] eefje00704
Steampunk-telescope-eva Galileo's Observer (functional)

Steampunk-telescope-parchment-lmhwjs Galileo's Observer (decorative only), Greaves' Writing Set

phonograph-vampirekiss6661 The Benet Phonograph (original mesh shown on right)
 - includes Pooklet-esque recolors

 *Registration required to access

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
steampunk - delonariel   (Steampunk Kitchen) Burnished Bright Bulb Floor Lamp, Artic Keen Cog and Sprocket Refridgerator, Nuts, Bolts and Food Processor, Rivited and Rustic Oven Fume, Caliper Flame Control Cinerator Stove, Professor Langston's Macro and Micro Waves Cooker, Grease Gear Cleansing Dishwasher, Primotrashcoggler Compactor, Teaquinology Enjoyulator, Streaming Gauge Hot Beverage Brewer, Spring Locked In Lantern Terrarium, Pre-Steam Aquarium Tank

Items not converted:
Dulcinea Guitar
Gearbuster Door
Open Gears Wall Clock
The Guilded Window
Geared Clockwork Counter & Island
Model Simoetrope
Stelevision Model V1

Clothing not converted - Steampunk Savvy set:
Borderline Teen
Carolina's Tanktop
Carol's Shorts
Carol's Tanktop
Gentleman First
Handy Hero
Jailor's Shorts
Ms. Professor
Pandora, Pandoraette
Rough Writer
Steampunk Swashbuckler
Straight Shooter
The Side Buttoned Jeans
Vest and Goggles
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HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
ItsGameTime-HC Champions Display Shelf, Championship Football Trophy, Boasting Snowboard

Items not converted:
Burning Out Motorcycle Helmet
Racing Car Living Chair
Simski Motorcycle Model
Soccer End Table
Sports Car Double Bed
Surf's Up Floor Lamp
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
TechnophobeNoMore-amovitamsim Ataxophobia Away Bookcase, Hyelophobia Horror Chair and Desk, Graphophobic Shudder Desk, Cyberphobic Chic Computer, Panophobia Panic End Table, Botanophobic's Nemesis Sculpture, MultiTab 6000 (decorative)

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
Technophobe-bust-delonariel Scotomaphobic's Scary Stare Statue

Items not converted:
Sitiophobic's Stress Free Dining Chair
Nelophobia Nightmare Chandelier
Agoraphobic's Angst Double Door
Heliophobia Harm Window
Frigophobia Floor Friend Rug
Eisotrophobic's Fright Mirror
Textophobia Taunts Wall Sculpture
Scopophobic's Window
Illyngophobia Doom Rug
Technophobic's Terror Television
Aichmophobia Despair Sofa
Aichmophobia Despair Loveseat
Baraphobia Safe Landing Rug
Cathisophobia Misery Loveseat
Arsonophobia Dread Floor Light
Achluophobia Respite Chandelier
Claustrophobia Chair

Fun Facts!
Achluophobia = Fear of the dark
Agoraphobia = Fear of open or public places
Aichmophobia = Fear of needles
Arsonophobia = Fear of fire
Ataxophobia = Fear of disorder, chaos
Baraphobia = Fear of gravity
Botanophobia = Fear of plants
Cathisophobia = Fear of sitting down
Claustrophobia = Fear of enclosed spaces
Cyberphobia = Fear of computers
Eisotrophobia = Fear of your own reflection
Frigophobia = Fear of becoming too cold
Heliophobia = Fear of sunlight
Hyelophobia = Fear of crystal or glass
Illyngophobia = Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy
Nelophobia = Fear of glass
Panophobia = Fear of everything
Scopophobia = Fear of being seen or stared at
Scotomaphobia = Fear of blindness
Sitiophobia = Fear of food, eating
Textophobia = Fear of fabric
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HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
AnimalsAbound-HC Elephant slide, bear loveseat, bunny potted plant

Recolors by: shastakiss |

AnimalsAbound-HC2 Panda crib, Wilderness Crib, Anna's Living Chair, Very Beary Table, Bryan and Angela (horse toys), Tiny Tyke Dresser, Triple Animal Collection, Tower of Much Knowledge bookshelf, Wilderness Bookshelf, Little Tyke Dresser, Jerry the Giraffe Wall Growth Chart, The Happy Elephant wall hanging, Giraffe Measurer wall hanging, Banana Jeff's Wall Clock, Kirby the Frog Desk

  The Ninth Wave Sims
AnimalsAbound-curtain-TNW Cutesy Curtain

AnimalsAbound-activitytable-TNW Animal Friends Activity Table

AnimalsAbound-trapping Wily Wilderness Tower, Playground Toy Chest*, Playground High Chair, Bear Stump wall hanging
*Shastakiss made the toy box quarter-tile compatible here

Recolors by: shastakiss |

  [livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
AnimalsAbound-amovitamsim Cutesy Canopy Crib, Cutesy Curtain, Rinse 'n Roar bathtub, Whimsy on Wheels end table, Savagely Silly Sink, Jungle Cheer picture, Very Beary Towel Holder, Playground Potty, Best of Friends picture, Grassy Frog Curtains, Peter's Safari Mobile

CritterComforts-amovitamsim Animal Friends Girl's End Table, Flutterbye Wall Mirror, Little Princess Single Bed, Forest Curtains, Animal Friends Bookshelf II, Novelty Dining Chair Series I & 2, Felicia Flamingo Wall Growth Chart, Freddy Frog Wall Growth Chart, Little Princess Desk, Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.2

animalsabound-window-amovitamsim Octagonal Wilderness Window +recolors

Novelty Office Chair Collection, Animal Friends Boy's Single Bed, Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.4, Mel the Monkey, Animal Friends Window, Animal Friends End Table, Novelty Office Chair Collection Series 3, Animal Friends Wall Mirror, Animal Friends Bookshelf I

Cuddly Critter Couch, Sherman the Shark, Tower of Much Knowledge, Wily Wilderness Tower giraffe & palm deco, Brian and Angela, Franny Bunny Light, Wilderness Bookshelf, Very Beary Table, Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing

Animals-toys-decat Pick It Up Truck, Sherman the Shark, FrankenBear

Franny Bunny Light

Recolors by: nihilistnailz

HW_animalsAboundSwingset Go Bananas Swingset

Beary Baby Bottom (toilet paper holder), Fuzzy Friends Lamp Post, Fuzzy Friends Fence

Items not converted - Critter Comforts:
Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp
Animal Friends Wall Lights
Floral Table Lights
Little Princess Dresser
Little Princess Girl's Toy Box
Open Wide Bunny Trash Can

Items not converted - Forest Bedroom:
Mochi Doggy Lamp

Items not converted - Panda & Friends:
Branching Bird Wall Lights
Panda Mirror
Panda Toybox
Sparkle's Trashcan
The Palmer Floor Light

Items not converted - Wilderness Dreaming:
Bronco 100HP Wall Lights
Grassy Frog Dresser

Items not converted - Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath:
Arch Abound
Banana Bulb
Banana Jeff's Wall Mirror
Bench Abound
Door o'Bears
Miss Mystery
Playground Dresser
Rabbit Ridge
Secret Sonny
Unbroken Window

Hair not converted - Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath:
Granda Panda

Clothing not converted - Wild Wears:
Bloomer Blouse Jr.
Bow Shoes
Cloud Dress
Comfort Kicks
Dancer Skirt
Duckies Dress
Heart Sandals
Petals Top
Play Overalls
Sea Adventures
Secure Sneakers
Tea Time Top
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[livejournal.com profile] untidyfan
RegalLiving-untidyfan Cutkelvin's Sofa, Alistair Armchair, Cutkelvin's Loveseat, Secret Stash by Marble Ash end tables, Imperfect Globular End Table, Victorious Coffee Table, F. L. Dining Table, Victoria Dining Chair


The Ninth Wave Sims
Regalliving-fireplace-TNW Washington's Fireplace Deluxe

Cutkelvin's Sofa

Recolors by: Isa

RegalLiving-suitcases-lmhwjs Loitering Luggage

HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
Regalbed-hc Penelope Bed, Ruby's Grand Dresser, C.U. Mirror

[livejournal.com profile] zeussims
regalcurtains-zeussims Morris Curtain, Morris Wide Curtain (included in Sims2Pack for Goth Mansion)

Dominique's Dominate Globe is...somewhere. Goth house?

Victorian Double Window, Window of All-Knowing

Archibald Door

Regal Bathtub

Items Not Converted:
Advantageous Washstand
Circle Within A Circle Window
Divided Partition
Johan Door
Neville Bathtub
Superior Pedestal Sink
Victorian Kerosene Lamp
Agnes Bed
Johan Arch
Extra Exquisite Ceiling Lights
Johan Arch Plus
Johan Door Plus
Mirror of Truth
Victorian Kerosene Wall Lamp
Archibald Arch
Estate Fence
Grand Estate Fence
Minor Estate Fence
B. Harvard's Water Collection Set
Retronator Stove
Dominique's Dominate Globe
Eleanor Chaise Lounge
Pallas Bookshelf


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