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Feathered Headpiece (sans feathers)
Converted by: digitalangels
Ages: all

Items not converted:
Woven Blanket Chair
Wattle and Daub Lamp
Four Directions Table
Tribe Elders' Rug
Turtle Island Rug
Harvest Moon Drum Sculpture
Maze of Maize Table
Zia Window
Pueblo Bed
Wigwam Dresser
Longhouse Dresser
Moon Over Water Mirror
Morning Star Door
Teepee Chair
Chieftain's Table
Short Life of the Raccoon
Traveling Wind Coffee Table

Hair not converted:
Feathered Hair
Mayflower Hair
Wilderness Braid

Clothes not converted:
Perpetual Renewal Outfit
Silent Hunter
Jamestown Dress
Wampum Beaded Top
Young Puritan
Distant Horizon Dress
Pilgrim's Progress
Powhatan Outfit
Matoaka Dress
Deer Tracks Outfit
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[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
Bistro Umbrella, Market Fresh Awning, The Mural Bench, West Oak Dining Table, Pomme de Derriere

Items not converted:
SwiftGro Gardening Station
Plants vs Zombies Sunflower
Dave's Planter Bowl
Trough of Illumination
Greenhouse Window
Greenhouse Roof (4 pieces)

Clothes not converted:
Indian Summer
Farmers Market Dress
First Frost Outfit
Nature's Palette Sweater
Positive Thinking Shirt
Fall Festivities Sweatshirt
Leaves Abound Shirt
The Road Not Taken
Autumn Outing Shirt
For the Birds Jacket
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HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
SunTides-rabbitholes-hc 8 Rabbit holes as neighborhood deco: Captain Jack's Theater, Coconut Palms Medical Facility, Grotto Groceries, Island Police Headquarters, Midnight Moon Bistro, Riku's Luau Diner, Sand Sun and Surf Corp., Seaside Sports Center

[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
Tasty Fruit Sculpture, Coastal Blooms + photos of Sunlit Tides scenery

Implements of Relaxation

[livejournal.com profile] moxxa11
The Clever Curtain

[livejournal.com profile] verounique/veranka
Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower


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