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Items not converted:
Barbeque Grill Chest
Lazy Angler's Rocking Chair
Compass Clock
Nantucket Fence
Nantucket Fence Lights
Rust and Candles Ceiling Light
Fisherman's Wall Lantern
Sea-loving Rug
Maritime Window
Of the Sea Wall Shelf
Nautical Cornice Collection
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[livejournal.com profile] verounique
Renaissance Bookshelf, Fit for a King Seat, The Archduchess, Versailles Mirror

The Marie Antoinette
Converted by: The Ninth Wave
Ages: (Y)Adult

Items not converted:
Powdered Wig Curtains
Palace Doors

Hair not converted:
The Duchess of Devonshire
The King of France

Clothes not converted:
Country Palace Dress
I See France Bloomers
Flourish and Fleur
French Lady Bodice
Afternoon Ride
Riding on Horseback Pants
Dress for Dinner
Riding Boots
All Buttoned Up Shirt
Latest Fashion Frock
Morning in the Garden Dress
I See London Chemise
Hunting Expedition Outfit
Ruffles and Bustles
Rococo Jacket
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[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
Bistro Umbrella, Market Fresh Awning, The Mural Bench, West Oak Dining Table, Pomme de Derriere

Items not converted:
SwiftGro Gardening Station
Plants vs Zombies Sunflower
Dave's Planter Bowl
Trough of Illumination
Greenhouse Window
Greenhouse Roof (4 pieces)

Clothes not converted:
Indian Summer
Farmers Market Dress
First Frost Outfit
Nature's Palette Sweater
Positive Thinking Shirt
Fall Festivities Sweatshirt
Leaves Abound Shirt
The Road Not Taken
Autumn Outing Shirt
For the Birds Jacket


May. 5th, 2012 11:12 am
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Eva/[livejournal.com profile] eefje00704
Steampunk-telescope-eva Galileo's Observer (functional)

Steampunk-telescope-parchment-lmhwjs Galileo's Observer (decorative only), Greaves' Writing Set

phonograph-vampirekiss6661 The Benet Phonograph (original mesh shown on right)
 - includes Pooklet-esque recolors

 *Registration required to access

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
steampunk - delonariel   (Steampunk Kitchen) Burnished Bright Bulb Floor Lamp, Artic Keen Cog and Sprocket Refridgerator, Nuts, Bolts and Food Processor, Rivited and Rustic Oven Fume, Caliper Flame Control Cinerator Stove, Professor Langston's Macro and Micro Waves Cooker, Grease Gear Cleansing Dishwasher, Primotrashcoggler Compactor, Teaquinology Enjoyulator, Streaming Gauge Hot Beverage Brewer, Spring Locked In Lantern Terrarium, Pre-Steam Aquarium Tank

Items not converted:
Dulcinea Guitar
Gearbuster Door
Open Gears Wall Clock
The Guilded Window
Geared Clockwork Counter & Island
Model Simoetrope
Stelevision Model V1

Clothing not converted - Steampunk Savvy set:
Borderline Teen
Carolina's Tanktop
Carol's Shorts
Carol's Tanktop
Gentleman First
Handy Hero
Jailor's Shorts
Ms. Professor
Pandora, Pandoraette
Rough Writer
Steampunk Swashbuckler
Straight Shooter
The Side Buttoned Jeans
Vest and Goggles
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
TechnophobeNoMore-amovitamsim Ataxophobia Away Bookcase, Hyelophobia Horror Chair and Desk, Graphophobic Shudder Desk, Cyberphobic Chic Computer, Panophobia Panic End Table, Botanophobic's Nemesis Sculpture, MultiTab 6000 (decorative)

[livejournal.com profile] delonariel
Technophobe-bust-delonariel Scotomaphobic's Scary Stare Statue

Items not converted:
Sitiophobic's Stress Free Dining Chair
Nelophobia Nightmare Chandelier
Agoraphobic's Angst Double Door
Heliophobia Harm Window
Frigophobia Floor Friend Rug
Eisotrophobic's Fright Mirror
Textophobia Taunts Wall Sculpture
Scopophobic's Window
Illyngophobia Doom Rug
Technophobic's Terror Television
Aichmophobia Despair Sofa
Aichmophobia Despair Loveseat
Baraphobia Safe Landing Rug
Cathisophobia Misery Loveseat
Arsonophobia Dread Floor Light
Achluophobia Respite Chandelier
Claustrophobia Chair

Fun Facts!
Achluophobia = Fear of the dark
Agoraphobia = Fear of open or public places
Aichmophobia = Fear of needles
Arsonophobia = Fear of fire
Ataxophobia = Fear of disorder, chaos
Baraphobia = Fear of gravity
Botanophobia = Fear of plants
Cathisophobia = Fear of sitting down
Claustrophobia = Fear of enclosed spaces
Cyberphobia = Fear of computers
Eisotrophobia = Fear of your own reflection
Frigophobia = Fear of becoming too cold
Heliophobia = Fear of sunlight
Hyelophobia = Fear of crystal or glass
Illyngophobia = Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy
Nelophobia = Fear of glass
Panophobia = Fear of everything
Scopophobia = Fear of being seen or stared at
Scotomaphobia = Fear of blindness
Sitiophobia = Fear of food, eating
Textophobia = Fear of fabric


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