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Items not converted:
Uptown Table
Ascension is Paramount
Narcissa Mirror
Asymmetrical Allessandar Table Lamp
Glitz & Glamour Fireplace
Le Ecoute Modern Chess Table
Faux Chrome Chair


May. 5th, 2012 11:12 am
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Eva/[livejournal.com profile] eefje00704
Steampunk-telescope-eva Galileo's Observer (functional)

Steampunk-telescope-parchment-lmhwjs Galileo's Observer (decorative only), Greaves' Writing Set

phonograph-vampirekiss6661 The Benet Phonograph (original mesh shown on right)
 - includes Pooklet-esque recolors

 *Registration required to access

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steampunk - delonariel   (Steampunk Kitchen) Burnished Bright Bulb Floor Lamp, Artic Keen Cog and Sprocket Refridgerator, Nuts, Bolts and Food Processor, Rivited and Rustic Oven Fume, Caliper Flame Control Cinerator Stove, Professor Langston's Macro and Micro Waves Cooker, Grease Gear Cleansing Dishwasher, Primotrashcoggler Compactor, Teaquinology Enjoyulator, Streaming Gauge Hot Beverage Brewer, Spring Locked In Lantern Terrarium, Pre-Steam Aquarium Tank

Items not converted:
Dulcinea Guitar
Gearbuster Door
Open Gears Wall Clock
The Guilded Window
Geared Clockwork Counter & Island
Model Simoetrope
Stelevision Model V1

Clothing not converted - Steampunk Savvy set:
Borderline Teen
Carolina's Tanktop
Carol's Shorts
Carol's Tanktop
Gentleman First
Handy Hero
Jailor's Shorts
Ms. Professor
Pandora, Pandoraette
Rough Writer
Steampunk Swashbuckler
Straight Shooter
The Side Buttoned Jeans
Vest and Goggles
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[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
AtomicAge-candy-amovitamsim Sweet Masses Chromodynamic Candy Dish

AtomicAge-plant-amovitamsim Gamma Green Thumb Plant

Atomic Azure Skies Telescope

Items not converted:
Thermal Atomic Alarm Clock
Hydro Fission Aquarium
Neutron Juice Distributor Bar
Neutron Juice Bar Stool
Dining Reaction Chair
Leisure Reaction Chair
Atomic Clear Coil Ceiling Light
Atomic Clear Coil Floor Lamp
Kinetic Kollider Table Light
Atomic Boson Bulb Wall Light
Fission Reaction Reflection Mirror
Little Rocketeer Quantum Sandbox
Atomic Comfort Control Sofa
Radio Wavestreaming Condenser
Cool Core Dining Table
Fissile Material End Table
Electron Entertainment TV
Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station
(Atomic Age Pets Registration Gift) Space-Age Sleepy Pet Vessel
(Atomic Age Pets Registration Gift) Futuristic Food Bowl


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