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"Borrowed" Signs, Found Art, Go Sit On It!, MK's PB Fizz Stack Tower, Never Mind the Milk Crates Here's the Telly, Not Your Grandma's Endtable, Rock the End Table, Sleep Loud, Trashed Trash Bin, Up Against the Wall

LoudFastClash dresser - mistyfluff Off the Road Case

LoudFastClash-coolhat-marja Can't Stop the Cool
Converted by: Marja
F2M conversion by: Trapping

Maxis Match recolors by: Simgaroop
LoudFastClash-femmehawkfatale-marja Femme Hawk Fatale
Converted by: Marja
see below for more ages

Maxis Match recolors by: Simgaroop | Remi | Sizza | vimpse
Femme Hawk Fatale (based off marja's)
Age conversions by: Trapping
Ages: all

Maxis Match recolors by: Simgaroop | sarcastic-pizza |
Converted by: Trapping
Ages: all
Male + Female

Maxis Match recolors by: HafiseAzale | Simgaroop | poppet |

Grimmy Leather
Converted by: radio gnome/uranium-z
Ages: adult; teen conversion

Items not converted:
Burn It Up
Doorway to Trouble
Portable Stage Light Show Lighting
Stage Bright
Who Are You Looking At? mirror

Hair not converted:
Liberated Spikes
Whine-mo E-mo

Clothes not converted:
Leather and Buckle Attack (shoes)
Mid Vicious
Slack Attack
Tear It Up
Tear Through This
Very Vicious


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