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HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
SunTides-rabbitholes-hc 8 Rabbit holes as neighborhood deco: Captain Jack's Theater, Coconut Palms Medical Facility, Grotto Groceries, Island Police Headquarters, Midnight Moon Bistro, Riku's Luau Diner, Sand Sun and Surf Corp., Seaside Sports Center

[livejournal.com profile] amovitamsim
Tasty Fruit Sculpture, Coastal Blooms + photos of Sunlit Tides scenery

Implements of Relaxation

[livejournal.com profile] moxxa11
The Clever Curtain

[livejournal.com profile] verounique/veranka
Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower
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JPInspired-amovitamsim Japanese Inspired Artwork, Unquenchable Thirst Water Bucket Sculpture, Yang Modern Chair, Hunger Inducing Sushi Pillow Set, Alchemy End Table, Lovely Geisha Table Sculpture, Hanging Kimono Wall Art, The Great Chair, Harmonious Trio Floor Baskets, Longevity Wall Hanging

The Ninth Wave Sims
JPInspired-chair1-TNW Yang Modern Chair (+recolors)

JPInspired-lamp-TNW Light the Way Floor Lamp (+recolors)

JPInspired-geisha-TNW Lovely Geisha Table Sculpture

JPbaskets-tnw Harmonious Trio Floor Baskets

Infinite Flow Hot Tub

JPInspired2-hriveresseLight the Way Floor Lamp, Illuminated Within Wall Lighting, Japanese Inspired Artwork, Longevity Wall Hanging

*Registration required

Converted by: Trapping
With and without butterflies on headband

Maxis Match recolors by: keoni | geirrendour/nyren |
Converted by: Trapping
With and without accessory

Maxis Match recolors by: geirrendour/nyren |
The Traditional Sumo Hairstyle
Converted by: Hriveresse
*registration required to access
Ages: all
Traditional Shimada
Converted by: Hriveresse
*registration required to access
Ages: all

Maxis Match recolors by: keoni

Hair not converted:
Traditional Ribbons Hairstyle
Inner and Outer Balance Hairstyle

Clothes not converted:
Today's Jinbei Outfit
Ki-Mini Kimono Outfit
Traditional Men's Yukata
Traditional Japanese Kimono
Beautiful Blossom Dress
Obi Fabulous Dress
Modern Interpretation Outfit
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[livejournal.com profile] untidyfan
RegalLiving-untidyfan Cutkelvin's Sofa, Alistair Armchair, Cutkelvin's Loveseat, Secret Stash by Marble Ash end tables, Imperfect Globular End Table, Victorious Coffee Table, F. L. Dining Table, Victoria Dining Chair


The Ninth Wave Sims
Regalliving-fireplace-TNW Washington's Fireplace Deluxe

Cutkelvin's Sofa

Recolors by: Isa

RegalLiving-suitcases-lmhwjs Loitering Luggage

HCove/[livejournal.com profile] wildchild111
Regalbed-hc Penelope Bed, Ruby's Grand Dresser, C.U. Mirror

[livejournal.com profile] zeussims
regalcurtains-zeussims Morris Curtain, Morris Wide Curtain (included in Sims2Pack for Goth Mansion)

Dominique's Dominate Globe is...somewhere. Goth house?

Victorian Double Window, Window of All-Knowing

Archibald Door

Regal Bathtub

Items Not Converted:
Advantageous Washstand
Circle Within A Circle Window
Divided Partition
Johan Door
Neville Bathtub
Superior Pedestal Sink
Victorian Kerosene Lamp
Agnes Bed
Johan Arch
Extra Exquisite Ceiling Lights
Johan Arch Plus
Johan Door Plus
Mirror of Truth
Victorian Kerosene Wall Lamp
Archibald Arch
Estate Fence
Grand Estate Fence
Minor Estate Fence
B. Harvard's Water Collection Set
Retronator Stove
Dominique's Dominate Globe
Eleanor Chaise Lounge
Pallas Bookshelf
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Recolors of TNW's chair conversion by lipiman/grandpa-sims in 42 CuriousB colors

Flowers-1-TNW bed-tnw

by immlegacy


hair-robow-trapping Converted by: Trapping

Maxis Match recolors by: vadie |
Converted by: JulieJ
With & without flowers
Converted by: JulieJ
Ages: all


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