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*Link goes straight to dark_moon's Box download

[Some furniture probably in this lot - I haven't had a chance to load it up and examine for myself.]

The Queen's Dress, King's Finest Robes, Squire, The Little Princess
Converted by: rented-space

Recolors by: Meshy (all by cm outfit) |
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Luxury Spa Set

The Ninth Wave Sims
spaendtable-TNW Wave Under Glass End Table

Huge Lunatic
Mounted Fireplace

*link goes to re-upload from Shastakiss, along with the recolors she did

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Not Quite Water Wave Bed

Items not converted:
Pillars of Lamp Light
Mini Mountains Table Light
Polished Pebbles Mirror
Artistic Glass Pane
Blank Space Window
Beauty Revealed Armoire


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