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These items have been converted but are no longer available from their creator. Alternate downloads are provided when possible.

nengi65 [site closed]

  • Look for downloads via leefish here.

  • Bed (double & single, plus recolors) here.

shrubfencing-nengi towertrough-nengi65 logsscarecros-nengi65windmill-nengi65 hay-nengi65 danishmodern2-nengi65 danishmodern1-nengi65 colonialchandelier-nengi65 countrydining-nengi65 brassbed-nengi65

The Ninth Wave @ Sapphire Sims [site closed]

  • TNW has it uploaded to Mediafire via here.


  • Neighborhood deco available here.


snakearmband-marja Re-uploaded by Almighty Hat here
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paintings - tnw   

Converted by: flowermisty
Ages: adult

TF version of grunge dress here by keoni
Converted by: JulieJ
Converted by: lemonlion

  • AF jumpsuit,

  • AF grunge vest outfit,

  • AM grunge sweater,

  • AM torn jeans,

  • AM glam rock pants

Converted by: FlowerMisty
Serenity boots, blockfeet, sexyfeet
Ages: adult
Converted by: veranka
Ages: teen, adult
Love is a Battlefield outfit
Converted by: FlowerMisty

Separated top by strawberrikhunnie
*Part of outfit with Showtime pants
Converted by: JulieJ
Ages: adult

Backpoof hair
Converted by: JulieJ
Ages: teen - elder
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Renaissance Bookshelf, Fit for a King Seat, The Archduchess, Versailles Mirror

The Marie Antoinette
Converted by: The Ninth Wave
Ages: (Y)Adult

Items not converted:
Powdered Wig Curtains
Palace Doors

Hair not converted:
The Duchess of Devonshire
The King of France

Clothes not converted:
Country Palace Dress
I See France Bloomers
Flourish and Fleur
French Lady Bodice
Afternoon Ride
Riding on Horseback Pants
Dress for Dinner
Riding Boots
All Buttoned Up Shirt
Latest Fashion Frock
Morning in the Garden Dress
I See London Chemise
Hunting Expedition Outfit
Ruffles and Bustles
Rococo Jacket
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Items not converted:
Gift of Speech Baby Monitor
Hideaway Bunk Bed
Tallest Tree Clock
Dress Myself Dresser
Little Grasshopper High Chair
Falling Leaves Mobile
Ergonomic Potty Chair
Playtime Rug
Puzzled Toy Box

Clothes not converted:
Hopscotch Romper
Playtime Romper
Ruffled Romper
Dressed to Impress Playsuit
Everything Nice Romper
Just like Dad
Sailor Suit
Bow Me Over
Peekaboo Outfit
Patty-cake Hoodie
Button Me Up Playsuit


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